The Scout Trip to the Fire Brigade

To get our fire safety badges the scouts went to the Belsize fire brigade. The first thing we learnt about was what to do in the cause of a fire: GET OUT. CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE OUT. STAY OUT. These are the main things to do in the cause of a fire.

We also learnt that to check if there is a fire in one room you put the back of your hand against the door because if you put the palm of your hand against it the wood could be very hot and your skin would be ripped off. But if you use the back of your hand and the door is hot your instant reaction would be to pull away. This is the same with door handles. Another thing we learnt about was a flash bang. This when a fire has been in a room without any ventilation and the door in the room bursts open and a big whoosh of air is heard and a big explosion will occur that may kill you. 

Unfortunately we were not allowed to go down the pole because it is against policy. Other than that it was an excellent afternoon and I am sure everyone went away with some new information about fire safety.

By Callum McKillop