Fire Station Visit Review – Scouts

When we got to the fire station a fire-fighter called Henry showed us in; he showed us the “appliance” or the engine and the hoses.  He talked to us very briefly about the hydrants.  Afterwards Mei Ling took some pictures of us and we went upstairs to the dormitories where we were taken to one of the “living” rooms, where we were sat down and given leaflets for the Chubb fire safety badge. 

We were asked to look  through the leaflet whilst we were waiting for the more experienced fire-fighter, Lennie, to come to help Henry.  Lennie and Henry were members of the Blue watch.  There are four watches, the Black watch, The Blue watch, The Green watch and the White watch. 

When Lennie arrived we had to learn several items for instance “how the london fire service worked.”   The london fire service contains 7/8,000 people 5,800 are operational, are fire fighters.  After we had gone through the sheet, learning various things such as what to do in case of a fire. 

After this we went into the fire station office, after that we went downstairs,. Henry jumped down the fireman’s pole because we weren’t allowed to, for health and safety reasons. Then we saw how long it took Henry to get on his gear and get into the truck. We had one last photo opportunity. before going home. 

It was an extremely helpful trip, and I learnt more then than in all the collective school trips to various fire stations. 

By Alex Coleman