Mad Winter Venture

Reporting by Phoenix Shaw

The Mad Winter Venture is an annual north London area scouting challenge that takes place in the Chilterns. Teams are made of around six Scouts, who follow a predesignated course (of about 10 miles) to checkpoints. At the checkpoints there are refreshments and a challenge. Challenges offer a variety of experiences from crisp tasting and mental maths to physical exercise. Points are awarded for the speed and teamwork in the completion of the tasks.  

The 8th Hampstead have historically been very successful in this event and this year was no exception. There were two team leaders, Will Mullins and Phoenix Shaw who finished the orienteering 1st and 2nd. However the orienteering did not contribute to the cup and we finished 2nd and 4th overall. Thank you to everybody, especially Ian Frais who contributed to the event and it was an extremely enjoyable day. 

Honorable mentions to:  

Angus Turner
Jonathan Routley
Tom Carlton
Felix Trimbos
Oliver Turnbull