District and County Events in the Spring Term

Our Cubs and Scouts participated in several District events between January and April this year. Where possible, participation in these events count towards gaining the relevant Cub or Scout activity/ challenge badge. The 8th Hampstead Scout Group is part of a District (Camden, City and Islington) and the District is part of a County (Greater London North).

On Saturday 20 March, Charlotte Heather led a group of Cubs in the Craft Competition held at the District Scout HQ in Islington. The 8th Hampstead was one of nine Groups participating. The boys who represented us were Sam Ritblat, William Heather, Joshua Hart, Aaron Rigal, Freddie and William Kernot. There were nine different craft bases set up each with six boys and girls from their Cub group.  The children moved in their sixes every 15 minutes to the next base. The boys had a great time; their favourite base was puppet making and the modelling table.  Examples of other bases were book cover making, writing a poem, writing a story, making an Easter card and painting a picture. 

On Sunday 21 March, eight Cubs represented our Group in the County Chess Competition. The 8th Hampstead won last year and so the competition was held in our District. We entered two teams this year. Tawny Pack was represented by Freddie Newman, Ali Soufraki, Florian Garland-Hoff and Hugo Lloyd-Williams. Black Pack was represented by Jack Perry, Jonathan Routley, Constantine Holle and Jamie Lloyd-Williams. Denise Holle and Mei Ling Routley picked up a new skill that day i.e. how to score a chess match. The Tawny Pack Cubs won first prize (a shield) and Black Pack Cubs won second place. They competed against 11 other teams from Barnet, Southgate, Finchley, as well as other CCI packs.

On Saturday 24 April, our Group took part in the District St George's Day event at Coram Fields. Many Cubs attended with their parents. We ran two activity bases (biscuit decorating and beanbag tossing) which were supervised by Fiona Green, Charlotte Heather, Denise Holle, Simon Milner, Mei Ling Routley and Noga Zivan, with help also from the Scouts. The weather was sunny and everyone agreed it was the perfect family day out.