County Bowling Competition

Many thanks to the following boys who took part in the recent County Bowling Competition at Hollywood Bowl, North Finchley: Hugo Halford-Harrison, William Heather, Alexander Burke, Sam Stirling, Orlando Strachan, Teddy Crossley, Miles Fenner and Benedict Milner.
All of the boys were on excellent bowling form.  We started the session with blackcurrant squash in the bar and they watched music videos until we started at 3pm. Benedict set up the names on the chart and with the side barriers up, Orlando as the first bowler to start them  off. All the boys tried their best and some of the boys who lacked confidence in bowling very quickly realised they had talent!
After an hour of bowling and unfortunately no strikes the boys played their last 10th round with a final score of 623.  They were all so supportive of one another and truly did 8th Hampstead proud.
Well done to Hugo for coming first and the rest for following him close behind.

Charlotte Heather