Weekend Trip to Holland

The twinning between our group and the Be Pals group in the Hague is as strong as ever. Recently 15 Scouts enjoyed a visit to our Dutch friends. We arrived late on the Friday night and the Scouts stayed overnight in their HQ. The next morning the Scouts were presented with a typical Dutch breakfast including chocolate sprinkles on bread along with various meats and cheese.

The Dutch Scouts arrived soon after this and we took part in a joint flag break ceremony. A short tram ride away and we were in Delft. A long climb up a spiral staircase, at least 500 steps, led us to the top of an impressive church tower with stunning views. This was followed by some free time to explore the town and the market in small mixed Dutch and English groups. It was also a chance to try out various edible Dutch delights and buy presents such as cheese for parents.

Back to the HQ for a wide game and then it was time for the Scouts to go in pairs to stay with Dutch families along with their Scout sons of the same age. This also gave us leaders a chance to enjoy a social evening with many of the leaders from the Dutch group. Late Sunday morning the Scouts returned all very pleased with their family experiences. This left time for more games, lunch and sadly the journey home.

The Dutch were wonderful hosts and we look forward to hopefully welcoming them to London in Autumn.

Ian Frais