Training and Games Camp at Thriftwood in Essex

18 Scouts attended and real progress was made with the training scheme some Scouts completing their different challenge awards. The description of the camp included the word games and yes, we found the opportunity to enjoy some wide games. On top of this we also took advantage of some of the on site activities. The adventure playground allowed for individual prowess along with an opportunity for real teamwork as the group were split in to two teams for a race. The demolition derby involved 4 Scouts at a time standing on inflatable stands within a bouncy castle. a very large ball was suspended in the middle on a rope and the idea was to try and knock other Scouts off their stands.

The cresta run involved 4 special sleds on wheels being released simultaneously down their polished tracks. Finally there were the water zorbs. Scouts were sealed in to these large clear plastic spheres or zorbs which were then inflated allowing the Scouts inside to effectively walk out on the lake. They could throw themselves around without any risk of hurting themselves. Great fun and also a laugh to watch from the shore. A very succesful weekend enjoyed by all the Scouts.

Ian Frais