District Five-A-Side Football

Six of our Cubs took part in this event: Nat Bor, William Finn, Laurie Mills, Max Davis, Angus Turnor and Thomas Walsh. The boys did fantastically well and did the 8th Hampstead proud, by coming 3rd – they were knocked out in the semi-finals. They had a pretty gruelling time but loved every minute of it, despite the emotional finish! (Report by Cathy Bor).

District Swimming Gala

Five of our Cubs took part in this event: Will Mullins, Benedict Milner, Rawdon Cooper, Edward Crossley and William Aldridge. Report from Cub Leader Simon Milner: "It was a fun evening. We found out early on that each Pack is only allowed to enter one swimmer per age group per stroke – so had to do some juggling with our team of 5, including four 8 year olds. The boys enjoyed themselves and had some success. Will Mullins came third in hotly contested frontcrawl and backstroke heats. William Aldridge got Bronze in front crawl final. Rawdon, Teddy and Benedict got Bronze in the 8 year old relay. Benedict won Gold in the breaststroke. And best of all we won the 'Best 8 Year Old Team' certificate! Great if we can take even more Cubs next year."